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Engineering is that branch of science which widens its red carpet to the new innovations & inventions; although, nowadays engineers are underrated due to their inefficiency of performing. They are said to be the least paid under-graduate workers among others of the same qualification. But here is the story of an engineer, who made the world amazed by his innovative idea & plan.

Sundar Pichai is Indian born American, who is the CEO of Google LLC., & its parent company Alphabet Inc,. He is notable for the development of Google Chrome & Chrome OS and also the other products of Google. Born in a middle-class family, he struggled hard to get himself with money, but was pronounced in education. He is to be the inspiring person to Indians, especially South Indians.

Here, this blog briefs you ‘What made him to be the CEO of Google?’

20 Points on Sundar Pichai:

  • Sundar Pichai was born in Madurai & brought up in a small contagious flat in Chennai. His mother was a stenographer & his father was an Electrical engineer in General Electricals Company.

  • At an early stage, He showed interest in technology & had a sparking memory power, especially telephone numbers. His father was firm to get the boys, Sundar & his brother, a good education. Also, Sundar had a dream & will for cricket, as every other individual in those days.

  • After earning B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering with a Silver Medal in IIT, Kharagpur in 1993, Sundar received a scholarship to pursue MS in California’s Stansford University.

  • While studying metallurgical, he met Anjali, collegemate, where they two fell into a relationship & then married.

  • Completing his MS in 1995, he worked for Applied Materials & in management consulting at McKinsey & Company for years.

  • Sundar tells that the college & work life in US had made him so lonely, where he was not satisfied enough to continue though. Those years, where the communication was not prevailing, was that much difficult to be in contact with his mother & lover. His background of a middle-class surpassed him to contact, due to lack of money, as international phone calls were costly those times.

  • Then he gained an MBA degree from University of Pennsylvania in 2002.

  • In 2004, where the budding company Google was stretching its firms all around the world, Sundar Pichai made himself to be involved into the company as the head of Product management and development.

  • He initially worked on the Google Toolbar, which enabled those using the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Web browsers to easily access the Google search engine.

  • Google was about to develop a web browser for itself, named as Chrome, which the then CEO Eric Schmidt considered not to involve in web wars almost for six years, as the company was not that much big in 2004. However, Pichai came out with a development plan of Chrome, which was in clarity to reach out to success, that seemed as an instant need by Larry Page, Google founder. Chrome was then released to public in 2008.

  • In same year Pichai was named vice president of product development, and he began to take a more-active public role. Page considered Pichai as the most loyal lieutenant.

  • During the time, Microsoft was in the top business-freak that had ‘Bing’ as the search engine in the basic internet explorer browser. The birth of Chrome had surpassed it, & made Google to be the No.1 Search engine. Thus, Pichai saved Google from losing the Search engine wars to Microsoft.

  • Pichai’s role in Google spread to its products as Google maps, Google Drive, Gmail, Android, etc,.

  • Pichai had been suggested as a contender for Microsoft's CEO in 2014, a position that was eventually given to Satya Nadella.

Loyalty is Everything! Trust the process!

  • Rubin, one of the Vice Presidents of Google, relinquished control of Android in 2014, for a robotic project at Google and Pichai was made the singular overlord of Google's two operating systems. Under him both operating systems have come closer. By October 2014, Pichai was made the single most influential executive at Google as he was the head of the product management and engineering for everything from Chrome to Google Maps.

  • After the completion of formation of Alphabet, a holding company for Google, Larry Page switched over its CEO to Alphabet, laying the CEO post of Google to Sundar Pichai in 2015.

  • From then, Pichai’s contribution to Google had made it to be the star company & moreover, had reached heights to spread through every nook & corner of the world of internet facility.

When Google was encountered with political & civilian issues in US, stating that Employees were raising ethical concerns about the company's work in developing artificial intelligence for the US military and its reported efforts to create a censored search engine in China. 20,000 employees organized Google Walkout Protest, claiming Rubin that he allegedly coerced sex with an employee. However, Pichai’s approach of dealing with all the issues, had gained confidence over him, by the entire organisation and also the public.

Attitude spells out in hard times.
  • In December 2019, Larry page moved down from CEO of Alphabet, executing again Pichai to be the CEO of Google’s parent company too.

  • Alphabet Inc’s newly instated that Pichai would go hefty with $240 million (around 1707 crore) over the next three years in performance-based stock awards.

As of 2021, Sundar Pichai's net worth sums up to $600 million (Rs.4384 Crores)

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